The Cirque Sac - Studio Kat Designs

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Whether for yourself or as a gift, the Cirque Sac can easily be created to express the unique essence of every woman.  Simply change fabric and embellishments to give each bag it's own distinct character!

What's your favorite method of embellishment?  Appliqué...Pieced Patchwork...Embroidery?
The Cirque Sac's great size and shape is the perfect showcase for all of these techniques, and MORE!

The clean, classic lines of the Cirque Sac hide two interior elasticized pockets, and  a roomy zippered pocket.  No more fumbling for your cell phone, keys or receipts!

The Cirque Sac has a fun, interesting look, yet it's roomy enough to carry a surprising amount of everyday "stuff". Get rid of that shapeless, lumpy, bottomless pit of a bag and carry a sleek and stylish Cirque Sac instead.

TWO elasticized Interior Pockets
Zippered Interior pocket
Overall Size= 9" X 6" X 4.5"
Fabric needs:
Exterior Fabric; 1/2 yd.
Contrasting Fabric; 1/4 yd.
Lining; 1/3 yd. (I recommend cotton broadcloth)
Interfacing; 5/8 yd.
Thermo fleece; 1/4 yd.

1 each- 9" nylon zipper
choose 1- 10" nylon separating zipper or 14" non-separating nylon zipper.        
2 each- metal "O" rings (1.5" ID)
1 yd. of 1" Cotton Webbing
14" of 1/4" wide flat elastic
2 each-10" plastic cable ties
(available in most hardware stores)
Plastic Canvas-7 mesh
(one 2-1/8" X  8-1/4" piece)