French Kitchen - Favorite Things

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A kitchen set reminiscent of France's Provence Region that includes: placemats that are machine quilted and reverse to a coordinating print, matching napkins and a tea cozy with optional machine quilting.

Tea Cozy
1/3 yd fabric (44" wide)
1/3 yd contrasting fabric
1/4 yd interlining (cotton or polyester batting)
1/3 yd quilt batting
1/4" elastic
1 pkg single fold bias tape (coordinating with contrasting fabric)
two 3/8" buttons

Placemats - Makes 2
1/2 yd fabric (44" wide)
1/2 yd contrasting fabric
1/2 yd interlining (polyester or cotton batting)

Napkins - Makes 2
2/3 yd fabric (44" wide)