Nigara Falls - Park Bench

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The Niagara Falls pattern features a jacket with a funnel collar and a slimming, straight skirt.

The jacket body features a princess seam, but without a tight fit. This creates a thinner look and draws the eye up and out at the shoulders. The side panels are cut on the bias to ensure soft side seam drape.

The seams flare at the hem (or you have the option of cutting this straight), which is shorter in front than in back. The sleeve is cut in two pieces with a curved seam that starts in the front, curves around to the elbow, and then curves back to the front. The wrist has two darts for extra shaping. The sleeves are set-in to provide a tailored fit without being tight.

Fabric Suggestions: Choose soft to medium weight and drape suiting-type fabrics. Pick one with a tight weave so that the seams will hold their shapes. Nothing clingy, nothing very stretchy.