Precision Hot Tool - Heat Texture

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One of our favorite new toys. With the right technique you can transform heat sensitive fabrics (polyester, nylon, acetate) in to fantastic textures.

The Milwaukee Precision Hot Tool is light weight yet durable, it offers top level heat tool quality and high output in a compact design. It's powerful heat flow helps simplify many tough jobs or tedious tasks. Comes complete with built-in bracket for self supported bench top use. The Milwaukee Precision Hot Tool features a tapered nozzle which focuses air flow for precision heating. Reaches where conventional heat tools cannot.

Specifications: Temperature: 650 degrees F, Watts: 360, Amps: 3, Volts: 120 V AC.

  • Remove paint from hard to reach areas
  • Form plastic
  • Remelt Adhesives
  • Shrink tubing
  • Affix embossing powder
  • Drying and more