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Buttonhole Smart Marks - Water Soluble

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Buttonhole Smart Marks - Water Soluble

Adhesive Backed

Water Soluble Tape

Will not Gum up Needle 

Stabilizes While Stitching...Great on Knits 

Easily visible on Dark, Light & Print Fabrics 

Accurately Marks Buttonholes, Snaps & Eyelets 

  • Professional Buttonholes are made easy with Smart Marks.
  • Choose Vertical or Horizontal (18- of each included).
  • Cut the appropriate length of Buttonhole Marks, remove paper backing and position tape at first buttonhole.
  • Select the size of buttonhole comparing the actual button with the marking. You may need to use the next marking depending on the thickness of your button.
  • Stitch directly through the tape to the garment for all required buttonholes using the predetermined markings as a guide.
  • Tear AWAY excess tape. Spray buttonhole or wash with water to remove any remaining tape. 
  • Congratulations! Your Buttonholes are Complete!