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Cascade Mountain Pullover - Great Copy Patterns

Great Copy - Pattie Otto

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Battle the elements by using outerwear fleece, Berber, sweatshirt fleece, supplex or rainwear. View A features short stand-up collar with a zipper. View B features zip front fold back collar. View C has a cross-over hood. All views come with two pocket and sleeve hem options.

Suggested Fabrics: Polartec®, Windpro, other outerwear fleece, sweatshirt & sherpa fleece, supplex and rainwear fabrics.

12” Zipper or longer - Can be separating or non-separating
Washable Basting Tape such as Wondertape®
Temporary Spray Adhesive such as KK2000® or 505® is helpful
Shoulder pads – optional for women’s pullover

Sizes: XS - 2XL