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Clear Acrylic Mounts for Stamps

$3.95 - $9.95
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You can now purchase our Crystal Clear acrylic mounts! Many rubber stampers like to use a clear mount even with their traditional unmounted rubber stamps.

Our mounts are "polished" with no sharp edges. The Acrylic Cube is 1" x 1", great for mini stamps.  The 4" x 6" clear block will cover most sizes of stamps!



Sizes shown in inches.
Cube 1x1x1x1 $3.95
Sm. Square 1.75x1.75 $3.95
XL Square 5x5 $9.95
Sm. Rectangle 2.25x1.5 $3.95
Med. Rectangle 3x1.75 $5.95
Long Rectangle 4.25x1.5 $5.95
XL Rectangle 4x6 $9.95