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deColourant (formerly Discharge Paste)

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deColourant is a ready-to-use printing paste for removing areas of color from dyed natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk and wool. Unlike bleach, deColourant removes color without jeopardizing the integrity of the fiber.


How does it work? 
deColourant is activated by heat. If you don’t like what you’ve done, just wash it out! Nothing happens until you heat the deColourant print.

8 oz. 


Apply with brush, stamp, sponge, applicator, stencil or screen print. Allow to dry, then iron on highest setting suited for the fabric type. For extra color removal, iron with steam. A heat gun may also be used, especially if the print is still damp. Color will leave at this stage. After color removal, wash fabric with Synthrapol or a mild detergent to return to natural softness.

- When removing dye from fabric, the resulting color may not always be white. 
- Some dyes are more susceptible to color removal than others. 
- Test samples are recommended prior to production runs.