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Edge Perfect Blade 2

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Just like our Edge Perfect Blade™, the wider spacing of the Edge Perfect Blade II creates evenly spaced holes to allow for even hand stitching: crochet, blanket stitching, whip stitch, lacing and more. Great for slippery and hard-to-handle fabrics such as Minky, Cuddle and fabrics that tear or ravel easily.

The holes are approx. 3/4″ apart and are great for lacing using satin ribbon as well as crochet. Made from the same high quality 45mm Fiskars blade as the original, the blade will last a long time and make hand work a breeze.

And even though it is a Fiskars blade, it works in all major brands of handles Included is a fully illustrated instruction booklet.

Note: The rotary handle is not included.