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Fine Weft Interfacing - Fusible

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Fine weft construction for light support in better blouse weight fabrics and underlining in tailored garments. A favorite with dressmakers and designers.

Machine wash, warm, delicate cycle. Tumble dry, low. Use cool iron if needed.

100% Polyester
, 60" wide

Available in Black and White

  • 60'' wide width, woven 100% Polyester with iron-on adhesive on one side.
  • Stabilizes silk, silky synthetic, sheer, flimsy or loose weave fabrics and allows fabrics to hang better and appear smoother.
  • Gives body to fabrics without adding bulk.
  • Does not alter fabric's natural feel or give, and does not make fabrics stiff.
  • Makes fabrics easier to sew and reduces puckering.
  • Easily applies with steam iron.