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Inkjet Fabric Sheets

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Anything you can create or have on your computer, like drawings and photographs, you can now print on silk and cotton fabric sheets.

Jacquard® inkjet Fabric Sheets are paper backed so that they go through your inkjet printer or inkjet copier just like paper.
Simply print and peel off backing. Attach to any project by sewing or using fusible bonding material.

8.5"x 11" Cotton 10 pc- Printed fabrics can be used for quilts, flags, applique, clothing labels, doll faces, placemats and more.

8.5"x 11" 100% Silk Habotai 10 pc- is permanent, lightfast, and hand washable.

8.5"x 11" Silk Organza 5pc- Extra Organza allows you to layer transparent images over photos without blocking the background.