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Nutcracker Chimney Sweep Pattern

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With a kiss on his cheek for luck, patches on his clothes, and a flower in his lapel, our adorable Nutcracker Chimney Sweep is certain to bring you good luck. Remember it worked for Mary Poppins!

Our Chimney Sweep can be used as a single applique for a vest, shirt, and jacket, as a wall hanging, or on any other project you might have. We've included a simple wall hanging pattern to get you started. Simple Wall hanging pattern included. #0252

Applique Sewing Skill Level 2

  • All Applique Motifs
  • - Including the Chimney Sweep, ladder and broom
  • - Full size pattern pieces
  • - Complete pattern instructions
  • - Simple wall hanging pattern
  • - Nutcracker finished sizes 12" tall
  • - Wall hanging: 10" x 16"