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Pebble Beach - Park Bench

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The Pebble Beach pattern features a straight cut pull-on blouse with skirt.

The fun in this blouse is all in the sleeves. Each sleeve has four curved panels that are cut on the bias so they hang softly. When sewn together they resemble large ric-rac or a very curvy road. The blouse has dropped shoulders and the sleeves can be pushed up or left down. A good pattern for playing with stripes, plaids or multiple colors. Surprisingly flattering because the eye is drawn to great sleeve details and away from the body. The back tie adds softness to the back view.

The skirt is straight with elastic waist and a center front panel. An added surprise are the "knee pockets" in the front panel seams. These are more like kick pleats, attached at top and bottom. When you bend, these give you extra bending room for your knees. Don't laugh! When you sit or bend, the skirt has a little extra room at the knees and helps the skirt hold its shape.

Both the skirt and the blouse have lots of top stitching for added detail.