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Perfect Cotton Needle Punch Batting - 60"

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Perfect Cotton is ideal for all quilts and crafts.

It can be quilted up to 10" apart and has 3% shrinkage. The batting is not very lofty - between 1/16" and 1/8" thick - and is designed for a soft, drape-able batting with a traditional look. It is needle punched for added strength.
Closely quilted lines would stand out nicely. This will not make a puffy, lofty quilt. This thin flat batting is a great option for use in fabric potholders and bread basket warmers too!

Please note: This batting should be paired with medium or dark fabrics. If paired with with white or light-colored fabrics, natural (unbleached) cotton can slightly show through the fabrics.

Color: Natural

Content: USDA certified 100% organic cotton

Made In: USA