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The Seaside T is a fun scrunch bottom shirt that flatters the body with the asymmetrical drape and adjustable gathered look at the bottom edge. The length and placement of the gathers may be adjusted each time it is worn simply by moving the fabric around on the body.

size 1: Bust: 30-32 Waist: 23-25 Hip: 32-1/2-35
Size 2: Bust: 33-35 Waist: 26-28 Hip: 35-1/2-38
Size 3: Bust: 36-38 Waist: 29-31 Hip: 38-1/2-41
Size 4: Bust: 39-42 Waist: 32-35 Hip: 41-1/2-45

Note: the hip is not really involved in the fit. The high hip is.
Therefore, you should use your hip measurement, adjusting at the side seams (F & H), 4-5" below the waist marking on the pattern, as necessary. The bottom of the shirt should be tight enough around the high hip area to create a snug horizontal "crinkle" that you can adjust to suit your style or body type. If the bottom is too large, the crinkle will not be as flattering on the body as it would be with a snug fit.

SUGGESTED FABRICS: KNITS ONLY: 10" of fabric should stretch to 15"
Knits that stretch in both directions are ideal. The fabric needs to stretch the required distance in only one direction. Rayon, cotton or polyester knits with lycra, slinky knits, stretch lace and other knits with a soft drape and required stretch.

Design Plus Ultra-soft Double-sided Fusible: 3-1/2 yd.
Stretch needle size 75 or 90 appropriate for fabric
Stretch twin needle size 4.0/75 or 4.0/90 appropriate for fabric or stretch needles for cover-lock stitch on serger
Serger thread to match*
Polyester thread to match fabric
* Serging with a 4 thread serger stitch is recommended, as it has give and an extra security stitch for support. If a 4 thread stitch is not available, use a wide 3 thread serger stitch. A conventional machine stretch stitch may be substituted if no serger is available.