Wrap Top - Christine Jonson

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The Wrap Top is a wonderful "dressed up" alternative to a jacket. Paired with the Cuff Pant #945 it makes a wonderful suit look. With only 2 pattern pieces and ties this top sews up quickly. Learn to miter corners and master easy double-needle topstitching. Fabrics with stretch are best. The depth of the V-neck wrap is determined by the way the under wrap is tied. Stretch the left under wrap high over the bustline and tie securely on the inside followed by a similar high stretch over the bustline on the right side for a high V-neck or stretch the wraps lower on the bust for a deeper V.


Paired with the Perfect Pant collection (skinny, flare or classic wide leg pant) it makes a wonderful jumpsuit look. With only two pattern pieces and ties, this top sews up quickly. The Wrap Top also makes a great wrap sweater over a dress or the Perfect Pant Skinny with a Skirt for an athleisure look after yoga.


Suggested fabrics: LYCRA Blend Knits, rayon/LYCRA jersey, Sweater Knits, Silk, Mesh


No. 212 Wrap Top          
Bust 39-5/8 43-1/8 47-1/8 51-1/8 55-1/8
Waist 23-1/4 26-3/4 30-3/4 34-3/4 38-3/4
Width at Hem 24-3/4 28-1/4 32-1/4 36-1/4 40-1/4
Back Length 19-1/2 20 20-1/2 21 21-1/2
Sleeve Length (from Neck) 26-1/4 27-1/4 28-1/4 29-1/4 30-1/4